I have been alternating posts these past few weeks by doing software related entries one day and general traffic/website building tips on the next. Today I found something that can really be applied to both and it’s called the All In One SEO pack. In case you don’t know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. The more search engine friendly we can make our sites, the better off we will be when it comes to the search engine spiders finding us and indexing all our websites pages so web searchers can locate us.

The best thing about this WordPress plugin is that you can give the title of your post an alternate title for the search engines to pick up additional relevant keywords. What I plan to do is title and write my post the way I would any other, then browse over to the Google Adwords keyword tool and do a search for related keywords to see what is popular for my target audience. I can then find and submit a new, more appropriate title using the All In One SEO Pack for the search engines to find me.

I suppose choosing the most popular keywords may work against you too, so depending on your niche, there might be better keywords to use that are not so saturated with advertisers. I think I would rather find five or six keywords or phrases that are reaching ten or twenty thousand searches a piece instead of a more popular one that is seeing a hundred thousand for one single keyword. I would think there’s a better chance at ranking higher for the less searched for terms that the more popular one.

I don’t see why this keyword strategy wouldn’t work for the general terms within a post as well. I know it might be more time consuming to work in more keywords into an existing post, but if each additional keyword can bring in a few more visitors, just think what this simple action might do for your volumes after a few months, a year, or even after ten years.

Just to give you an idea of how this keyword tool can help, I’ve included a quick screenshot of a comparison of two phrases. I may be using the following terms “open source software” and “free software” to describe the same thing on this site, but there is a vast difference in search volume between the two. Pretty powerful information for a quick five second search.


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