I love this WordPress plugin. I remember the days of old when I was still learning the ins and outs of blogging with WordPress and I did a lot of things the hard way. Way back then (a few years ago) I would find broken links in older blog posts by accident. I would fix the broken link which would then propel me to look over each and every past post for more broken links. Yes, I was truly spinning my tires and wasting time, but unfortunately that’s all I knew. I was more thrilled with the idea of being able to have a working website than to worry about the minor, yet time consuming tasks of link monitoring.

Then I was saved when I found the broken link checker plugin. Sometimes the most helpful plugins are the simplest ones. This checks all your posts for broken links and reports them in the dashboard. How simple is that? No more weeding through post after post. They’re presented right there for you to either fix or discard. This plugin was most helpful on a site I run that has a lot of contest posts because contests expire and those sites update or delete their pages rather frequently. This is just another example of how the best plugins can save you time and makes things easier so you can spend that time more appropriately on other aspects of your site.


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