Here’s another quick diversion from the typical back and forth posts of open source software and site building steps. Exclude from Navigation is one of the handful of plugins I use on just about every WordPress blog I launch. Most WordPress blog themes are similar in the fact that any static pages you create will become part of the site menu. If you’re like me, I don’t like to have a menu over stuffed with page links because it tends to start looking cramped after awhile. Some themes will even overlap on to a new line and it can really look terrible. That’s where this handy plugin comes to the rescue.

I find it most helpful to use when you want to post a Privacy Policy for Google Adsense compliance, or you have a terms of service or other necessary pages you need, but don’t want them occupying premium header or menu space. I use it for those types of pages I mentioned as well as for pages related to advertising or other ones that wouldn’t be of interest to my entire visitor base.

Using this plugin is as easy as unclicking a check box. Once it’s been activated, you’ll find the check box in the right hand menu under the attributes heading when you’re creating or editing a page. If you want to include the page in the standard menu, you simply leave the box checked that says “Include this page in user menus”. If you don’t want it included, simply uncheck it. It’s that simple.


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