So it was a good run for me. I gave it my best on posting regularly to this site. It’s hard posting nearly every day. Real hard. It suddenly donned on me that I hadn’t really had a chance to try any new software recently. The holidays certainly had something to do with that, just as an unexpected tooth ache set me back a few days as well. I figure it’s a perfect time to do a bunch more WordPress plugin favorites I use on this and other blogs.

The one I’m going to highlight today is the “Pages Link To” plugin. The function of it is very simple and self explanatory. If you need one page to link to another, use this plugin. You might be wondering why anyone would need such a thing. Well, you probably don’t need it if would prefer hard coding links, but that might cause problems when you upgrade WordPress. You may have to keep updating your link again and again if you go this route.

But again, why would you even need it? If you create a page, you call it what you want, and the link goes to the content you provided on that page. Same for a post. Seems simple enough. However, there are occasions when this simple plugin will come in handy. Here’s one example of how I use it on a different site.

I have a website where I use Article Friendly for my article section and I use WordPress for news. Naturally I want to include some of my WordPress menu links on my article pages and vice versa. The “Pages Link To” plugin works perfectly from the WordPress side. I had four menu links at the top of my theme; Home, About, Archives, and Contact. I really wanted a link to my articles page in the header to make sure navigation between the two different scripts looked natural. I also wanted it to look exactly the same as the rest of the links. To achieve this, all I had to do was create a new page in WordPress and call it “Articles”, then type the external url into the box and BAM, you have your cohesive menu link that looks like a regular interior blog link.


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