Hey, look, it’s been five months since my last post, and before that I posted about fifty times in two months. How can I go from hyperfocus to chasing butterflies that quickly? I have a lot of catching up to do here, but there’s not a lot of time for that now.

I realized the reason I started this site and poured out a couple months of ideas almost daily for awhile was because I was burnt out on the idea train. I come up with new ideas every single day, and jump head first into the best ones. After a few months of that, I have a burn out period where I can’t keep up, so I do nothing. Well, now I have this site for that.

I’m actually not feeling completely overwhelmed just yet, so I’ve only come back here to log some things for future posts so I don’t forget, and I thought I’d post a quickie while I was at it.

So, here goes…

Imagine if you took the Shark Tank TV show one step further and each week you watched a new company get awarded with some kind of seed money for starting a business. Maybe not exactly like the Shark Tank where the potential businesses try and have it all mapped out ahead of time. It would be nice to see people come in with ideas and get some pre-seed money to run with it.

Maybe most fizzle out or die because of a lack of business sense, but maybe there’s a couple of gems out there that actually turn into something. Maybe there’s a future Rockefeller out there who just needs a little starter cash to flip the world upside down. The other side of that coin is maybe all the future Rockefellers of the world find a way no matter what the odds.

Other than the main story of someone receiving this seed money, we could use the remaining time left can be dedicated to updates on other start ups and ongoing projects to see where they all are in the process. What do you think? All I want is a producer credit. Let’s talk! Just kidding. Please don’t call. I’ve grown accustomed to limited human interaction and I’ve convinced myself I can get plenty of Vitamin D from the warm glow of my LCD’s.

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