ReVou is another Twitter clone script I’ve accidentally come across in the past couple weeks. It’s got a pretty clean looking demo with those for the most part. At a price of  $200, it’s one of the more expensive Twitter clones so far, especially if you’re interested in the additional plugins for ads and mobile functionality. ($80 each)

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The site offers some great features such as custom urls for every user and group, multi-language support, and 3rd party login integration allowing users to sign in using an account from a number of existing social networking websites. One simple feature that caught my eye was the tabbed functionality on your main message page so your friends messages and replies are only a click away.

There was something I didn’t care for that isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but definitely something that would bug me a bit. When I go to the demo, in the right hand column there is a Most Popular and Most Recent box. In this box are some square avatars and some distorted boxes around text when using the latest revision of Firefox. I’m assuming this means the users don’t have an image uploaded, but it distorts it enough to be an eye sore to me. If I click another tab and come back, the avatars snap back to square, but every new visit is the same thing. This doesn’t happen in IE, but I would hope there is a simple way to set a default smaller avatar to avoid the broken image look for users without one.

Other than the price + plugins total and perhaps the awful demo colors (ha), this is a pretty solid looking script. All we need to do now is find out how to grow your own standalone niche Twitter clone and become wildly successful. If anyone knows of one, I’d be very interested in finding its secret to success.

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