StumbleUponI added OpenSourceHack to StumbleUpon after reading a few articles about how it can bring a windfall of new traffic. This is another one of those tools that I’ve tried before on a different website, so I already had an existing account sitting rather stagnant. My problem has been one that many other people experience as well, and that’s the fact that we abandon these new website building ideas as quick as we implement them. We can’t simply join a site and let it be. We have to cultivate our network slowly and most important, consistently. Growing your website traffic isn’t a straight line of following the fixed steps like that of a ladder. It’s more of a bunch of dots on a piece of graph paper that we visit again and again over time. How’s that for an analogy? Pretty weak, but you get the idea. You can’t expect to launch a campaign for new traffic and be successful without following up and following through.

The rudimentary idea behind succeeding with StumbleUpon is that people presented with your site have to like it and rate it with a thumbs up for it to become more popular. The more popular your site becomes, the more it’s presented to others for further views. You must have a useful and interesting website with compelling content or all your effort is for nothing. I’m going to try and Stumble a few times a week, rating and reviewing similar sites along the way, while also sneaking one of my pages in there on occasion to see what happens.

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