I accidentally came across the Showdown plugin via Google search. I had been interested in this functionality for some time now, even writing a post about it a couple years ago comparing the best website scripts I could find that would perform this same functionality. I have always loved the idea (stickyness) of the photo battle type script, and until now I would have had to buy a completely independent script. But rest easy WordPress junkies. There is a new plugin for you.

I purchased the Showdown WordPress plugin a couple months back and so far it has not disappointed. It’s has two separate functions; a photo battle (showdown) mode and a Hot or Not mode.  I only had one domain I wanted to use it on, but for an extra twenty bucks I opted for the three domain purchase instead. It was a pretty good move since I’ve already implemented the plugin on a second site.

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I have found a couple of buggy things about the plugin, but I don’t think that detracts from the product as a whole. For example, after you’ve clicked on a picture to vote in battle mode, I’ve found if you refresh the page, it votes again. The programmers out there might know exactly what that means, but to me it simply means a tiny issue. I’ve also noticed in my two identical plugin installations using identical themes/versions, in one of them  I get the results of the previous battle below, but on the other I do not. I’ll give it a deactivate/activate plugin cycle and see what happens there. But knowing these minor issues up front, I think I’d still purchase the plugin again if I hadn’t already.

I’d really like to give the Hot or Not aspect of it a try, but I just don’t have a need for it right now. That doesn’t mean I won’t find one though. There’s something about a cool new plugin or functionality that gets the creative juices flowing and prompts me to create a new site just to try it out. Because of this obsession, I have more idle websites than a cemetery has headstones. If I ever partner with someone who knows how to generate buzz/traffic, we may be unstoppable.

Will the plugin send your page views through the roof like they claim? Perhaps, although I haven’t seen much of an increase yet.  That could be because you have to have website visitors for their page views to increase. Yes, I know, I’m working on that. 😉

I just hope they keep updating the plugin. As far as I’m aware, they own this WordPress niche because they’re the only game in town with this kind of plugin. There will likely be copycats which is good for the users, but I really hope the people behind this site stick with it. They’ve created something so many of us have been waiting so long to arrive.

To check out a demo of the plugin in “Battle Mode”, click here. Alternatively, if you’d like to see a working version of this Showdown Plugin in action (also in Battle Mode), feel free to click the banner below and have a look.