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F My Script is a commercial clone that I stumbled on to by accident while leisurely perusing the pages of Hot Scripts. Something about the banner made me curious to know what the heck it was since I had never heard of the original site in the first place. The site is called fmylife.com and it is an extremely simple looking site. The concept is that a user will post a sentence or two about some type of misfortune or irony and others can comment and/or vote on it. I must have spent a good hour on that site browsing through the posts and getting a good laugh out of a lot of them. The functioning original site is definitely the best selling tool for the clone.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. The user generated content on the functioning original site is the clone’s best advertisement. The more entertaining the content is, the more entertaining your site will be. This site grabbed my attention long enough for me to start considering the purchase of the clone script. This happens a lot when I find a script I like but have no organized plans to set up such a site. I end up buying scripts just to play with them and customize a little, and then leave them for the spammers to take over.

I still feel this way after playing with the demo of the clone over at fmyscript.com. I don’t need it, but I still want it. Maybe there’s another function for the script I’m not even thinking about. Not that its intended function doesn’t work perfectly, but how many exact clones of a site like that can succeed? Probably not too many. I always try and think up new ways to use a script. I’ve been forced to be creative like this because I don’t have the knowledge to build in code what I can imagine in my head.

If this script was used to post reviews, the functionality would still work because people could comment on a review and give a thumbs up or thumbs down to it too. Anyone else have any ideas to talk me into buying this script?