JobberBase is an open source job board I actually found by accident while searching for new open source software. At some point I’m sure I may have come up with the idea to start a job board for some underserved niche, and if so, the thought was fleeting. However, now that I’ve installed this software, the ideas have started flying as is often the case when I discover something new.

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I liked the look and feel of this job board, but I was not initially impressed with the JobberBase demo. Every link in it was just a link back to the demo itself which made it near impossible to evaluate. I temporarily moved on and looked for something else, but in the end I decided not to be such a lazy SOB and installed the software myself.

There was no automatic installer which as kind of a drag. I took it upon myself to guess my way through the install process and that didn’t quite work out, so I eventually found the readme.txt file to do it right. I had to change a filename, input my database info into another, and change some permissions on yet a few others. After that, I finally had my working demo.

I got to post some test jobs and finally see what the inside of a posting looks like. I added some job types, categories, and cities and then posted various sample jobs to try and get a feel for what it would be to administer a job board. I poked around at just about every setting I could find and I was fairly impressed.

All we have to do is find that underserved niche and launch a job site for it. We’ve got for finding nursing jobs, for all IT related positions, and for police related employment, but what about carny jobs? Looks to certainly be a job field with insufficient resources available for locating employment opportunities. So who wants to take this one?