TwitterI signed up for Twitter the other day. I found a few articles about how tweeting can help market your website, so I figured I would add this one to the website marketing arsenal. I’ve yet to send out my first tweet because I’m waiting for  a day (tomorrow) when I write about some type of software I’m posting about. I figure I can send out a quick post with a link to my blog post about a piece of open source or commercial software I’ve encountered that perhaps someone else did not know about. Maybe there are other script junkies out there like me and I can help introduce them to their next  crazy website idea.

On the other hand, maybe I won’t start off with links to my blog posts as I don’t want to be blatantly obvious that I’m seeking site visitors. I could always post just a new scripts name once in awhile, or even links to different script homepages. I’m also going to do some keyword twitter searches to find people with similar interests to follow. I might be able to find some cool new pieces of software from following others that I can tag (try) and release (move on) within a few days. I clearly need focus, but I’d settle for a new script to demo.