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Plogger is another photo gallery website that I tested out for my family photo gallery. I liked Plogger for its simplicity in look and configuration. Install and setup was very easy too. I was looking for a community type gallery where multiple users could join and create new galleries and upload new images and unfortunately Plogger is lacking in this area. Maybe things have changed in the past year or so, but I had already chosen Gallery as my choice to grow my family’s digital archive.

As with any cool new open source software I find, I instantly thought of a great use for it. I made my way over to GoDaddy and Sedo to input a couple of keywords in search of a domain name related to my next short lived venture. Within a few minutes I had a new domain name for my new Plogger site, and a few minutes later I had my site online and ready to go. The actually inputting of content was the part that involved a lot of work, albeit simple work, but I still moved on to something new within a week or two. If programmers would just stop building new open source software, I might actually have a shot at sticking with one of my ideas.

Okay, that’s a lie. I still pay for commercial scripts I like too, and that’s a complete waste of money when I move on to something else so quickly. I guess I should encourage programmers to keep writing free code because at least it keeps me from blowing even more dough on commercial scripts. I just can’t help it. I have a creators mentality and not a nurturers one. *pounding chest*

I know you’re dying to know what my Plogger idea was, right? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. I thought it might be cool to use this software to create a website of viewable and printable menus. Some fast food joints and restaurants have menus online on their individual websites, and others don’t have any menu online. I thought it would be cool to create a massive collection of menu images organized by area.

So there you have it. I just gave away one of my next greatest ideas. Surely not an original, but for about a week I thought it was going to be the biggest and the best. After I scanned all the fast food menus in my junk drawer, I realized I was going to have to either solicit restaurants for menus through email or phone or actually hit the road and do it in person. I chose to do neither and write about it instead, then move on to the next great piece of open source software.