This one popped into my head while I was working on the Video Secret Shopping idea. I had the equipment to covertly record, so I imagined how fun it would be for people to catch others checking them out. (or cry themselves to sleep when they realized nobody is looking at them)

You’re probably smirking at this one, aren’t you? A butt camera? Really? Yes, really. You can’t honestly tell me you’re not remotely curious to know if others are checking you out behind your back. It’s like receiving positive reinforcement from someone without them knowing they’re giving it to you.

Social media has pulled back the veil on humanity to expose just how narcissistic and vain we all are, and “Exhibit A” to this charge is the countless duck face photos circulating on the internet. Admit it. You are hungry for the Instagram and Facebook likes.

The problem with the equipment I had is it was too bulky. I’m sure I could hide the recorder somehow, but as small as the camera was, it would still be a challenge to completely hide it around the back. You’d never know if someone was checking you out because they thought you were desirable, or because they saw this odd protrusion on your rear end and were wondering why you had a lumpy ass.

That still appears to be the problem. There’s plenty of wearable technology coming out, but I feel you’d need something designed specifically for jeans or pants. A flat camera with a fake rivet for the camera perhaps? Maybe something that peers through a belt loop or a tiny hole in a seam?

For all I know, all those girls I see with their phones tucked into their back pockets are already filming us. The problem with that is there’s a good chance it came into view through my peripheral and not because I was standing around scanning asses. I suppose it would still serve its purpose if they stared or looked more than once.

Someone needs to do this. I’m not interested in a selfie stick, but I’ll definitely buy an asscam. I’ve seen how flat the Raspberry Pi camera board is, so they already make them small enough. I wonder if an endoscope type camera would work better, or if that would be harder to conceal. Wearable cams just aren’t mature enough yet.

Self contained units are too big and the ones that are small enough obviously still require power, so it doesn’t matter how small of a camera you find, you will need to attach some type of external power which will bulk things back up. It would be nice when we get small one piece devices that have a camera, storage, and battery power while still being small enough to hide almost anywhere.

I guess the outlook doesn’t look good for the covert asscam for now. I think your best bet might be to go with the eyeglass camera and hang it off your back pocket, although that seems to be no different than simply using your phone with the camera peeking out.

We’ll have to wait until we see an Indiegogo campaign pop up for the asscam fundraiser. Until then, you’ll just have to wonder if that cute barista behind the counter is giving your ass a good once over as you walk out the door.