Ok, here we are two and a half years after my last Alexa post and sadly I’m not that much further along in my quest to improve my rank. Despite my flakiness, I consider myself very lucky to have actually improved in all this time. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few popular posts that show up high in the search engines for a couple different keyword phrases which seems to keep people coming back.

I think I’m like most people out there who struggle with staying consistent. I went through an initial phase of posting nearly five times a week, and then I tapered off quite a bit ever since. I realize I make it nearly impossible to keep up the pace I set for myself because I spread myself too thin. How can one person post daily to twenty different sites while working a full time job? It’s nearly impossible. No wonder I sleep so little.

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The problem with the general theme of OpenSourceHack is that it caters to my fleeting attention span. When I’m researching and writing about new open source or commercial software, WordPress plugins and themes, or helpful ways to grow the sites traffic, the hamster wheel is spinning out of control with ideas on how to implement everything I’ve found/learned. I buy a new domain, install the software and start customizing, all while the site here grows a layer of dust.

So now that I’m excited again to talk about and play with all these new tools and software I’ve been finding, I’m going to set an Alexa goal of breaking a million by the end of 2012. Doesn’t seem like a monumental task if I can stay focused, but…..oooh, look, a Pidgin.