I’m away from home for an entire week and unfortunately I don’t have much time to work on anything new when it comes to growing traffic to this website. I’ve researched this topic extensively over the past couple of months and I realize there’s still plenty for me to learn. In my many searches on the subject of adding substantial website traffic, I’ve also found a whole bunch of ideas that sound just plain bad to me. Here’s a simple list of the stuff I won’t be doing to promote this site. Some of this stuff might work for you, but it just won’t work for me.

  • Have a custom t-shirt made up with my url
  • Offer to give speeches about your subject matter (legitimate, but not for me)
  • Use social networking solely for targeting new contacts
  • Make a shamefully promotional screensaver with my url
  • Teach a class at a local university (again legitimate, but not for me)
  • Shamelessly spread something controversial
  • Order business cards and letterhead with my url (not for this type of site)
  • Using FFA link sites
  • Stuffing keywords into posts
  • Mass comment spamming
  • Twitter automation
  • Forum and email spamming

I’m sure I could go on if I wasn’t so tired. Anyone have any other bad ideas for promoting a website?

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