Since I’ve already posted a couple of times within a week or two about Yahoo, I may as well go for the hat trick. I was speaking with Steve over at VirtuBlog the other day and he mentioned Yahoo Buzz. I wasn’t familiar with it at all, but I guess its Yahoo’s version of Digg, Reddit, and other voting style news sites. I’ve been hesitant to use these kinds of sites for OpenSourceHack because I’ve noticed the stories that become popular are not the kind you see here on this site. It’s more for hot topic current events, strange and interesting facts and information, or cleverly titled articles that get you to click, only to end up disappointing a lot of the time.

The stuff I usually post about here, open source and commercial software, has a pretty select audience so I don’t think I’d do well posting my casual findings at Yahoo Buzz on a regular basis. It does give me some ideas for creating a content piece that would be useful and interesting enough to others. I wouldn’t feel bad about throwing it up on Buzz if I took the time to put together something I felt was reasonably stimulating. People seem to love lists. I have read about the power of lists and how sticky they can become on at least a few dozen other websites so I’m thinking there might be something to it. A list it is!

I’m shooting for genuinely helpful content too. I don’t want to throw a list together and give it a catchy name just to watch my unique visitors AND bounce rate skyrocket together. I don’t want to waste peoples time by trying to get them to my site with ambiguous or  flashy titles just for the ad impressions. You certainly don’t build Whuffie that way. I’d rather spend the extra time to come up with at least a moderately interesting topic and gain a few repeat visitors from it rather than receiving ten thousand one time hits from some title trap of an article.

Now all I need is an idea for an interesting list since this one has already been done.

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