Update – 7/28/2012: The Yahoo Site Explorer once used to submit your website has now been merged into Bing Webmaster Tools (link updated below). I no longer have to worry about what Search Monkey Objects is because that now brings me to a 404.

You knew this one was coming, right? When I realized I wasn’t being indexed by some pretty big search engines, I posted about adding to Bing the other day. Instead of posting all of my search engine submissions in one post, I figured I would stretch it out a bit and give them each their own space. I admit it’s partly because smaller posts are easier to write, but it’s also because all search engine submissions are not created equal. Out of a handful of search engines I submitted to, I thought Yahoo was the best of the group. Despite having just submitted this sites feeds to Yahoo about two weeks ago, it still was not being indexed heavily for some reason.

I started with locating the Yahoo Site Explorer to submit OpenSourceHack. It prompted me to login, so I had to waste a few minutes and create a Yahoo mail address that will sit stagnant for the most part. I added my site and it instantly indexed a dozen or so pages from my site and listed the titles and urls for each page. If you click on the detail link, it displays more info such as the page title, a list of keywords, Delicious bookmarks, and something called Search Monkey Objects (used to be at http://developer.yahoo.com/searchmonkey) that I’ll read up on a bit later.

I thought this was a pretty cool way to track your submissions and see what keywords are picked up. In the left hand menu, there’s a bunch more stuff that I have not checked out yet. There’s a statistics area where you can view crawled pages and sites linking to you. There’s a place to check for crawl errors, and you can also submit your sites RSS feeds too. It’s not Google Analytics by any stretch, but it’s better than anything I saw over at Bing.

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