After many years of spinning my wheels and jumping from idea to idea, I made an appointment with a psychologist to see if I had something wrong with me. I do love coming up with new ideas, but I often find I have no restraint from jumping head first into this new idea while abandoning the many others still underway. I wanted to know what my problem was/is, and how I can fix me.

The doctor was nice enough, but I was left wanting a little more guidance than what she provided. She mentioned on the phone (before I received this letter in the mail) that she thought my learning process must be quite unique because of how fast I process new information, but was average in other areas of comprehension. I don’t know exactly what she meant, but it sounded like there was a bottle neck between a superior short term memory and then shoving that into a brain with an average level of general comprehension.

In the end the advice I got was to speak with a vocational counselor which was not what I wanted to hear. I had informed her my issue was not work, but with my inability to stick with these personal projects outside of my job. To me, it sounded like she was saying if I wanted to succeed, switch into a job that compliments your strengths.

Besides her ignoring where my problem really was, I think it was bogus advice to suggest a job change. Imagine if everyone just stuck with what came easy to them? Even if I wanted to change careers, it’s not exactly an easy thing to do if you’re established in an industry.

I tried. This was a giant leap out of my comfort zone to go see a doctor about this, and it shows how bad I want to be able to succeed at something. Maybe the joke is going to be that this site is the one because I can’t stop coming up with new ideas to post.

Idea bulb come, post idea here, on to the next one, repeat.


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