This might be the first time I’ve ever uttered the following words.

I don’t know where to start.

Usually that’s all I do. I’m an idea machine that fails at the follow through. I’m also too ambitious for my own good. I’ll learn about a subject that I think would be a great money maker only to realize I don’t have the motivation to actually stick with it.

I get bored easily. I’m also an introvert, so if I delve into a subject that would eventually entail a great deal of human interaction, my inspiration is sapped and I switch directions.

If you’ve ever seen the movie A Beautiful Mind, you may remember how John Nash’s room was wallpapered with scribbled notes. That’s the only similarity I have with him because I’m neither a genius nor a schizophrenic, and neither am I.

There’s only so many success stories you can read before you start feeling depressed about your own situation. This site is kind of about failure, so it will probably make you feel better about yourself. Imagine always being stuck in first gear like me. See, it’s working. I can already see you getting a kick out of my misfortune.

This site was designed with my strengths in mind. It will never be finished. No longer will I file away untapped or unfinished ideas.

I am pulling out all my files, folders, and notebooks of ideas, ventures I’ve tried and given up on, domain names I’ve claimed, songs I’ve started, and screenplay ideas I’ve never written.

I finally realized I will NEVER be able to bring all (any?) of my ideas to fruition, so there’s no reason I should covet them in private any longer. It’s time to open my file cabinet of failure.

I now bequeath to you, the reader, every single one of my ideas. Some will make you laugh (at me). Others might make you ponder. I don’t think all of my ideas are awful. Some I believe are quite good if given the attention they deserve.

I just hope someone takes and runs with one and makes it an insane success. That will be the old nail in the coffin I really need.

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