Here’s a painfully easy step I forgot to take in my quest for more traffic. BING. Yes, I forgot to add my website to Bing. It’s hard to focus on anything other than Google with all the free tools they have available, especially Analytics, but I shouldn’t have dismissed the other search engines entirely.

I searched for this domain name in Bing and it did come up, but the only entry was the home page, so I definitely need the Bing indexer to come visit my site a few thousand more times (today). I get visited quite often from Google so I guess I got comfortable knowing I was being indexed by a (any) search engine. I see the bot in my raw logs a ton and often when I’m logged into the WordPress Dashboard I can see the GoogleBot thanks to the WP-UserOnline plugin. This was a serious case of tunnel vision, but I’ve woken up and started a brand new “submit to more search engines” campaign beginning today.

I bet you can’t guess what my next few short posts in the “Steps to Success” category will be about. Go ahead, take a guess…

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