BlogCatalogI joined BlogCatalog and added this site. It’s currently pending and in queue. I don’t want to go crazy joining too many blog communities because I fear I will be spreading myself too thin. I’d rather join a half dozen and spend some quality time networking with others interested in website software and other related tips for building a better site.

From what I’ve read, BlogCatalog is a fan favorite of many users out there. I tried to gather up a number of tips from a variety of articles out there, so let’s see if these folks know what they’re talking about. Can someone really grow a wildly successful and profitable blog by just following the guidance of others? I certainly hope so because I’m banking on being able to take my ideas and applying the knowledge of others to grow them into popular destinations. Here’s a few tips I’ve penciled in for my experience over at BlogCatalog.

1) Peruse the popular tags and see if any apply to my site. This might give me a better chance of generating more traffic if my website is at all related to the popular topics.

2) Add friends. I’ve read that there’s no cap on adding friends, so the more friends you make/add, the better chance you have of building out your network. I know whenever someone friends me on whatever social platform it is, I like to see what this person is all about and I make my way over to check out their website. I’ve also found some really interesting sites this way too.

3) Rate blogs. I’m not sure how this one works, but I will proceed with caution. If it’s more of a general review of what the site is about, that seems okay. If it’s actually rating it based on personal preference, then it might be best to stay away. Rating systems like that either turn into pointless love fests to avoid pissing people off or, well, being honest and occasionally pissing people off.

4) Start Discussions. I have to admit I’m not big on starting and staying with a forum conversation. I like to visit to ask or find information quickly. It’s the same reason why I read “How To” books instead of fiction. My Adult ADD pushes me to get right to the point and find answers. This will have to change if I want to connect with like minded individuals with blogs of their own.

Those tips should keep me busy for awhile. If you find this page coming from BlogCatalog, then something must be working, so give a shout out and let me know.

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