BloglinesI added my site to Bloglines today only to realize I already had an account for another site. The feed on that old site was now defunct since the directory structure had changed, so I updated it and added this site as well. I know a lot of sites out there giving tips on getting more website traffic say to submit your feed to as many blog directories as you can, but I think there’s more to it than that. I don’t think magic happens after you submit your feed to these sites. Sure, people might find your feed and you may get a few occasional curiosity hits, but I’m hoping to attract more than that. I want rivers, not streams.

I don’t profess to know for sure, but I think you have to become part of the community by finding, reading, and adding blog feeds of others to your list. That seems like an arduous task to do if you’re a member of a hundred blog directories. Perhaps accepting the few stragglers from each site doesn’t seem that bad anymore. I figure over time I can add my site to a handful of the more popular and heavily trafficked blog directories and focus on building a better presence on a few instead of a transparent presence on many.

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