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I figured I would start off this inaugural posting with arguable the best open source software available. WordPress is a publishing platform that is not only easy to use, but it has a large collection of attractive themes for various uses.

I forget the first version of WordPress I ever installed, but I remember actually struggling as I tried to figure out how to install it. I look back now and I’m a bit embarrassed because since then I must have installed WordPress successfully at least a hundred times. What makes it even easier is it’s included in the Fantastico script library that is often included in a web hosts control panel area. This makes installing a quick and easy automated process.

This software has a massive community of users and developers that gives this program so many different options for plugins and aesthetic consideration. It’s also incredibly easy to figure out how to customize certain areas such as the header, footer, and sidebar. I am living proof that anyone can learn to install and customize WordPress with a limited technical background.

Although no script is bullet proof, WordPress is constantly improved and new patches are available quite often right from the administration area. Whether or not this fact makes the platform more secure is debatable, but it certainly makes me feel better about building websites on a platform that is continually developed and then utilized by an extremely active community.

There are so many different kinds of software out there that specialize in one specific area such as galleries, social networking, personal blogs, ecommerce, news, etc. However, there’s only one I know of that can be used so simply for any of those things and so much more, and that’s WordPress. If you have an idea for a website and you’re searching for the right open source website script to use, you should really explore all that WordPress can do for you.