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Contact Form 7 is probably the one plugin I have used on every single one of my many WordPress incarnations. I don’t remember any other contact forms I tried when I was first searching for the first time. Maybe this one was so good that I chose not to keep looking, or maybe I simply forget what else I tried. The point is that this plugin is simple and it is completely functional right out of the box.

It really says a lot that this plugin is the first one I look for when launching a new WordPress site. It’s updated often, it’s reliable, and like I said before…it just works. After you ftp the plugin and activate it in your dashboard area, all you have to do is create a static contact page and paste the Contact Form 7 code inside the body of it. That’s it. You now have a completely working default contact form.

For the majority of my contact forms, the default has been good enough. It’s a way for people to contact me and that’s all I want. However, on one of my sites I needed something a bit more complex and comprehensive than the default few options in the standard contact form. I needed new text fields, radio button and drop down selection options, and the ability to let users attach files. Contact Form 7 has all those features and more. If you need a contact form addition to your WordPress site, check this one out if you haven’t already.


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