I was just out taking a much needed mid morning stroll around the building to give my eyes a break from the computer screen when this one popped into my head. I was wondering how a documentary relating heinous crimes to political ideology would turn out.

I have zero background information on this, so I have no idea what such research would reveal, though I do have my presumptions I’ll keep to myself to avoid a fist fight. I think it would be interesting to know the outcome regardless of which side takes the cake.

It would probably be a perfect time to start something like this so you could be rolling out the finished product in an election year. Of course, you’d naturally be accused of being a propaganda shill for the less deadlier party, but hey, careers were built on that kind of publicity. Succès de scandale, right?

Ok, I just cheated a bit and did a quick search. There appears to be plenty of debate over past regimes and genocide, but that’s going a bit further than what I’m shooting for here. I’m looking more at what individual citizens who commit attrocious crimes in the USA think about the most common issues that divide the left and the right.

Divisive topics seem to be the best documentary themes. Michael Moore has made a rather nice living stirring the pot in his films. This one would certainly ruffle a few feathers too, especially if the results were lopsided in favor of one side. Nobody wants to have all the nuts in their corner because, you know, birds of a feather. Ha!

Ok, the data alone will be great, but we’ll still need some notorious names for publicity. Who wants to write to Charles Manson to find out where he stands on foreign policy? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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