is about my ideas. Many of them are related to making money or creative endeavors I had hoped to one day turn into some sort of financial gain. I realize there’s not enough time in a lifetime to pursue them all, so I’ve decided to share them here.

The purpose of this website is no different in scope. I find it extremely satisfying to come up with ideas and create things with the end goal of generating passive income from something I enjoy so much it seems like I’m paid to play.

I will do my best to identify an affiliate link or an advertisers ad where ever it resides on this site, but as this may not be possible for every instance, I’d like to inform you here of my intentions.

Please assume any contextual ad, affiliate link, product review, or offsite link has been included for profit. I would like to earn money from this site over time, but I also don’t want to deceive anyone regarding my ultimate objectives. I like money.

I vow to try and be as transparent as possible when it comes to such things as advertising and affiliate income, but if I’ve been unclear about anything, all you have to do is ask.

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