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If you have a hosting account that offers cPanel as its standard control panel, then chances are you have the Fantastico or Fantastico
Deluxe script auto installer available to you. Fantastico is a program that allows you to perform script installations of popular open source software with only a few clicks of a mouse. This is particularly helpful for the novice who wants to get his website set up fast. Here’s a short graphical instruction for installing a script quickly with Fantastico Deluxe. I have my hosting account with HostGator, so your setup may be slightly different.

1. Open up your cPanel hosting account. With HostGator, I can either go to cpanel.mydomain.com or mydomain.com/cpanel. Enter your username and password, then click OK.

2. Scroll down to where it says Software/Services. Click on Fantastico Deluxe.


3. You’ll see a list of software available for install in the left hand column. Click on the software you wish to install. I’ll select WordPress for this example.

Note: The picture below is only a small portion of the software available. For a more comprehensive list of software, check out these Fantastico Scripts available to you.


4. Click on New Installation.


5. From the drop down menu under Installation Location and next to Install on domain, select the domain where you wish to install your preferred script. Only fill in the Install in directory part if you would like the script installed in a subfolder of your domain. (Example: yourdomain.com/subfolder) After you fill out the Admin access data and Base configuration information, click Install WordPress.


6. This page will confirm the database and username that will be created as well as what folder you chose to install the script. Click “Finish installation”.


7. That’s it. Be sure to record or remember your username and password, then follow the link to the administration area to login to your new WordPress installation and start configuring.

FantasticoTotal time for a brand new WP install? Approximately 30 seconds from start to finish.

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