Let’s get something out in the open right now. If I believe there’s a way to make a lot of money from it, and it’s legal, I have no issue with it. If I thought I could make millions selling adult diapers or disposable enemas, I would. The money still spends the same.

The same goes for pornography. I came up with an idea to sell gift baskets of porn. I’m sure they already exist out there somewhere, but there wasn’t much that I could find when doing some research on competitors. Maybe there’s no competition because it’s been tried before and it didn’t work, but I still think it’s got potential.

Initially the baskets were geared towards men only. You might be thinking that people usually don’t buy gift baskets for men, and I agree. That’s why I was going to wrap them in tin or galvanized steel pails. That’s the kind of gift basket I could see a man getting for another man. What do you bring to that bachelor party for a gift? (besides a bottle of liquor) A pail or porn of course!

I later found cute colored pails that would work for women too. I did the research and found you can buy porn really cheap in bulk. I planned on including a few DVD’s, some magazines, condoms, lube, adult candy, and a couple of small toys. I even investigated some fancy seals for branding. I still love this idea.

The best part was that the first name for a domain I came up with was actually available. This never happens. I usually search different variations of keywords for days looking for a domain name I’m happy with, but this time I got lucky. A five letter dotcom that sums up my idea perfectly.

Eight years later I still own the domain, and that project still remains idle. I usually throw up a WordPress install and create a rough mock-up of what I want, but I’ve never done enough to consider launching it, or even bought product for the idea.

The good news is you don’t need my domain name to start a business like this one. I really feel like this one is still worth checking out. I couldn’t even find one on eBay last time I checked, so either there’s zero interest or it’s yet to be tapped.

If you have any interest in the five letter dotcom domain name I originally purchased for this, I have it for sale at Sedo 1 right now.

  1. Sedo direct sale link
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