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Pligg is a free content management system that is based on the Digg website framework. Users post website links to stories, pictures, or videos and other users rate them up or down. Pretty simple, pretty effective. I don’t think you will replace Digg with a knock off site, but I do believe you can create a successful site if you choose the right niche. Check out this gallery of Pligg sites and see what it possible using this free software. There are some really cool sites using Pligg.

Digg started out with news and stories about technology and computers and it thrived into this all encompassing mega site that now includes news and information about any topic imaginable. If they can succeed as a niche and grow, I don’t see why any popular topic couldn’t be used to build a successful Pligg site. As a matter of fact, the site I had was working fairly well because I was getting visitors and users posting here and there. I just lost interest (par) and ended up scrapping it to install a new kind of open source software. Ooo, look, a butterfly. *chasing it*

The demo I’m looking at actually looks a bit dull, yet it still appears a little cleaner and nicer compared to the earlier version I installed awhile back. I might just have to install it again to have another look. I remember I was able to find the areas to change the colors and add some advertisements pretty easily. Those are the two things I always try and change right off the bat. The first makes sense, but the ads part is very backwards of me. What do I need to get ads on there for when nobody even knows it exists yet. I guess it is good to know right off the bat if the software is flexible and easy to customize, because if your site does one day become extremely popular, you will need to know how to insert ads to pull in some revenue.

Isn’t that the dream?

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