Scritter is a commercial Twitter clone from the same company that brought you the familiar F My Script software. The main site is called Scriptolution and they have some very cool looking scripts for sale. They also post these aggressive looking discounts via coupon codes posted to the site that make it appear there is a big sale going on, but anytime I’ve ever visited the site, the coupon codes (and discounted prices) are always available. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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The great thing about Twitter and similar microblogging clone sites is that there’s not a lot to them as far as the design is concerned. You need a couple of links for users to either join or login and an area with the latest member updates. There’s no need for clutter and that keeps these sites looking clean and organized.

Scritter is no different. It has a very neutral looking updates page that is easy on the eyes. This is exactly the kind of script that makes me want to come up with my own new idea and launch a site with it. When programmers can make their work look simple and very user friendly to the typical end user, they’ve scored high in (at least) the design department in my opinion.

The only thing I wonder is if anyone is really running a successful Twitter clone website out there. Certain kinds of sites are ideal for creating smaller clones dedicated to a specific niche, but I’ve yet to see a successful niche Twitter clone site. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I sincerely believe it is, but I’m also a hopeless and unapologetic entrepreneurial dreamer, so be careful when taking advice from me.

I feel like it might take a different spin to have the best shot at success. Even clones need to have their own twist. Maybe if we smooshed the Twitter concept together with some aspects of a dating script we could actually create something that appeared somewhat original even if it began with a clone.

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