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I’ve included relevant Amazon product links on a couple of my websites for awhile now, but I’ve never added more than a few individual image links. I often wished there was a way to create bulk product links with my affiliate code already embedded. At one time I had some type of store hosted by Amazon, but the design options were lacking and it never quite looked the same as my site design.

One of my other websites is a Sphider search engine so I thought if I could somehow integrate the search results with my affiliate product links, I could get a lot more clicks and hopefully increase my earnings too. I never followed through on that because I didn’t know how to make that happen with Sphider and Amazon, but there is a way to create hundreds and thousands of product links with a WordPress site and it’s called the Reviewazon Amazon Affiliate Plugin.

I’ve owned this plugin for about a year now and I have to say I am very impressed with it’s extensive feature set and ease of use. After you set up your affiliate options such as your Amazon Access Key ID, Amazon Secret Key, and a tracking ID, there’s a number of configurable options that you can click through and set (or not). The first time I set it up I skipped through most of the settings because I just couldn’t wait to see it in action, but if you purchase this plugin you really owe it to yourself to spend some time and check out every field and what each one can do for you.

I can’t even begin to describe all of the functions of this plugin, so if this concept sounds like something you’d be interested in pursuing, take a few minutes and head over to the Reviewazon Amazon Affiliate Plugin site and check out the Product Publishing features page as well as the Administration & Configuration features page.

My favorite part of this plugin is the product publishing aspect. You can drill down into Amazon categories or search by keyword/phrase right from the Reviewazon Administration Panel within the WordPress Dashboard. Selecting products you want to sell is as simple as clicking a check box to the left of the product. Once your done selecting products and adding them to the post queue, you then get to decide when and how they are published.

I publish my products as individual posts, but product pages are also possible. You can set a posting status (Draft, Pending Review, Published), and post all items under a specific user of your choice. You can decide which category to post under, insert tags or let the plugin automatically create them based on the product title, and you can even integrate YouTube videos for product descriptions and/or reviews.

If you have more than one Amazon tracking ID for the same site, you can choose it under the posting options section as well. This would be a great way to track your testing of different advertisements, products, placements, etc. There is also a scheduling feature that I’ve never used because I typically publish the products I select immediately. You can schedule all of your product posts for a certain day like I do, or you can select the drip feed option that will post your products over a certain time frame. For example, if you select thirty products and set them to post over an entire month, each day the plugin will automagically publish a new product to your site.

I use this plugin here on OpenSourceHack under the Books button in the top navigation menu. I haven’t gone crazy with publishing a million products or anything, but the books I did publish were done within minutes. Here’s an example of a typical product post that the Reviewazon plugin publishes. – WordPress 3 Cookbook

Click the screenshot below for a closer look at the layout and available menu options. Each time you click on a menu option on the left, a new tab opens in the main window where you can make the appropriate changes.

If you’re serious about integrating your Amazon affiliate account into a WordPress site, this plugin is the real deal.