I found article friendly a couple years ago when I was planning to grow my search engine website. There are a lot of article directory scripts out there and Article Friendly caught my eye as one possible choice. I signed up on the site and asked a bunch of questions and was really impressed with the responses. I also thought the demo of the site looked great and did not look like every other cookie cutter article site out there.

Soon after deciding I was going to purchase Article Friendly, I became distracted by the complete remodel of the site. It wasn’t until nearly two years later when I began searching for an article directory script that I stumbled on to Article Friendly once again. My old posts were still there on the site just as I left them before I vanished two years prior.

I logged back in to the site, asked a few more questions, and finally pulled the trigger this time by purchasing the script. I immediately installed it, set it up to automatically pull some isnare articles, and set it to let it run. I always loved the idea of including a niche article directory on my sites that other publishers can republish because it’s a great way to get your website link out there.

I have to add that the man behind the Article Friendly software,  Jan Michaels, had a lot to do with my comfort level in ordering this script. He’s not only built a unique and  impressive article directory script, but he’s also managed to accrue an impressive amount of whuffie.