A few days ago I changed the theme here to the popular Thesis Theme by Chris Pearson. It’s not the first time I’ve gone the premium theme route. Even though I know my way around WordPress pretty well, I’m still not a programmer. I don’t want to spend a year adding content to my blog and customizing the theme just how I want it only to wake up one day and find that the theme creator is no longer updating it and it’s not functioning properly. With a premium theme, I always have someone to turn to and lean on for support.

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I was instantly drawn to this theme and probably purchased it quicker than any other script, theme, or plugin I have purchased before. The site had just about everything that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about a purchase which is truly a testament to Mr. Pearson being a true merchant. The site has gobs of helpful articles and videos, a members forum, a demo, and a showcase that would make any hopeful new webmaster begin to daydream.

Besides all the information available, the theme itself is a non-programmers dream. The less I have to open up files to edit them, the better. There are a ton of design options available right from the WordPress dashboard area which you can see in the image below.

There’s also just as many general options (below) that really empower you to completely customize your site with limited coding required.

There are only two files that need to be edited and most of the common tweaks and hacks you might need to create your desired look are available in the help documentation, the forums, or by simply using the Google machine. As good as the diythemes site is, the majority of tips I followed came from off site resources.

If you’re still worried that you might not be able to figure out how to customize your site the way you want, I’m a good example of what an ordinary person can do. Sure, this site is no design masterpiece, but I like how it came out because I was the one that chose the font, the column dimensions, the colors, etc.

There was only one thing I didn’t care for about the diythemes site. There was no way to email anyone for pre-sales questions. I found an @gmail contact email from the sites Twitter account, but that seemed a bit strange to me. I usually need that follow up with a few answers to my questions to take the plunge and buy. With Thesis, I felt so confident by all the information presented that I decided to pass on the email and take my chances, and I do not have any regrets.