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It donned on me the other day that I made a really poor choice in choosing a domain name. I came up with this name because I always thought of myself as a complete hack when it came to tinkering with software. Add the hack part with my love of testing out new open source software and there you have my reasoning behind selecting the opensourcehack.com domain name.

I’m not saying it’s going to make a top ten list or anything, but as I was poking around the Google Analytics data of my month old brandy new site, I realized that my domain name is attracting the wrong kind of traffic. Here’s a list of keywords identifying how the last eight visitors found my site.

OSH Visitors
Not exactly the kind of attention I meant to attract. People have about as much of a possibility of learning to hack on my site as they do learning how to knit. I have to admit that I didn’t give much thought to a future for this site when I started it. I simply wanted to create a place to dole out snippets of information on open source and commercial scripts I know about. The site is only a month old and I realize I have not put much effort into identifying keywords to include in posts, choosing attractive titles, and other SEO tidbits. I’m just winging it for now and having some fun.

I do love reading about the success stories and wonder how the heck all these super successful bloggers started out. The blog site owners pulling in six figure incomes or more probably had a lot more on the ball than I do at the moment. I love reading ProBlogger because it has fantastic blog building tips and an even greater success story. The people who seem to hit it big like this all appear to be driven and have a plan and the dedication to create unique and compelling content day in and day out. Perhaps one day I’ll figure it all out and get to where these guys are financially. In the meantime, I’ll be here typing my random thoughts on open source and commercial software with the domain name that’s like fly paper for hackers.