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More Celebrities Using WordPress

I was recently going through some of my draft posts that never made it to the coveted published status and found this one (unfinished) from back in early 2010. It was apparently a follow up to my post about Celebrities using WordPress.

WordPress is just so flexible and easy to learn that it’s no wonder so many celebrity and business sites are powered by this platform. When I initially created that list, I used the WordPress Showcase to find most of them, but a quick glance at the same page now makes me realize how many more entertainers and large corporations have launched WordPress sites.

So without further ado, I give to you a list of even more actors, athletes, musicians, colleges, radio and TV personalities, and well known businesses that use WordPress on their websites. Enjoy!

Actors, Musicians, Athletes, etc.

Businesses and Organizations

Celebrity Websites Powered by WordPress

Even though this brandy new theme is functional, I’m still in the process of making little tweaks here and there. Upgrading from one design layout to another is exciting, but it also comes at a price. My first theme was fantastic, but as a non-programmer, it was very inflexible and rigid when it came to customizing it.

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I used to have a section called “Asides” where I could post links on my homepage with short snippets of information about each one. The contents of each “Aside” were displayed like a comment or a tweet on the front page while the back end is an actual post. Since I no longer need this type of post, I figured I would collect the information and repackage it all into one small post.

So, without further ado, here’s a short list of celebrities taken from the showcase that use WordPress to run their website.

If anyone else is aware of others out there that I missed, please let me know.