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Apparently this is WordPress theme week for me. I’ve had a handful of themes I use (or have used) that I’ve wanted to mention for awhile now, but I never planned on them being all in succession like this. This one is about Templatic and their very cool selection of premium themes.

The first theme I purchased was the ebook theme with a layout that’s geared towards a single product or service. I used this theme as the front end of my brilliant but unrealized real estate website idea. What I like about the theme is it isn’t cluttered and there’s just enough displayed to get to the point of what you’re trying to say. I’m also a fan of finding a layout that I can use out of the box by simply filling in my own details. If you look at the design of the eBook demo, that’s pretty much what my site looked like, except with my own image and information.

The other theme I purchased from Templatic was the popular GeoPlaces city directory theme. I know what you’re probably going to say. Go ahead, it’s ok. A directory? Really? Yes, I know, the directory and review idea is near complete saturation, but I like to think there’s still room for the occasional niche directory to flourish.

What’s my incredible niche idea you ask? It’s for people of the night. No, it’s not a Goth directory. It’s a directory for late nighters. I’m a night owl. It’s not because I work nights or anything. I just like staying up late. More than once (more like hundreds of times) I’ve found myself searching for what’s open late or in the middle of the night to get myself a snack, or find something to read, or to shop. I figured there has to be others like me out there, so that’s how the idea began that landed me back at Templatics door.

For such a great (at least according to me) idea, I have really phoned it in on this one. I don’t even dare give out the url because I’m embarrassed by how little I’ve done with it in nearly a years time. I think I must have needed something new to play with, so instead of downloading something open source, I came up with this idea for a website I had no right to begin because of all the other stuff I have going on. So there it sits, still unfinished, collecting dust.

As far as the theme goes, it’s rock solid and I couldn’t be happier with it. The site looks very professional and it’s certainly not from anything I did. The framework is really attractive and no matter what colors you go with (six options you select in Design Options), it’s just a very cool looking site. The best thing I like about this site is the fact that I use four plugins and have everything I need and it still looks great.

While these aren’t the only configurable options, check out the whole slew of design options in the GeoPlaces theme.