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I purchased Article Manager around the same time I bought the Website Publisher script. I was going back and forth between the two because each script had features I liked and disliked. I remember I bought this one, then instantly experienced buyers remorse and asked for a refund to buy the other one. It’s not that this is a bad script. I went as far as purchasing it so I was pretty impressed at the time, but something just didn’t seem right about it for my situation. Both of these content management scripts are not that cheap so I I wanted to make sure my choice aligned with what I wanted for my site. I thought I knew what I wanted until I pulled the trigger. This wasn’t the first time I’ve jumped ship for a new script and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

I don’t remember the exact reason, but I’m willing to bet it was based on aesthetics. How a site looks out of the box weighs heavily on my interest in the script. I can’t change complex code so I’m pretty stuck with the general frame work. If it looks good in the demo, I’m assuming I can make a live site look just as good.

Months later I came back to the Article Manager site to find that they changed the look and feel of the demo and I really didn’t like it anymore. I was finally sure I had made the right decision. Now the demo looks like a regular old article site to me, although some of the community sites look really great. They also look like there was some major changes made to them too, so they might not have been ready to go with just a few simple changes.

I’ll tell you what kind of stuff sucks me in is the success stories and Article Manager has a couple good ones. According to the site, Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder.com is a long time Article Manager user and is making about $30,000 a month in Adsense revenue. Austin Davis of the myhonestmechanics.com website is raking in $400 a day with the same Article Manager/Adsense combo. Inspiring, huh? Ready to see if you can accomplish the same? Have a look at the features and see if Article Manager is the right script for you.