Technorati Blog Claim Denied

I checked on the status of my Technorati blog claim the other day only to find it was denied. I got this canned response that I’m sure some of you have already seen.

Thank you for submitting your claim on Unfortunately, we have determined that the site at this URL does not meet Technorati’s quality guidelines, as documented at Accordingly, the claim for this site has been denied. If you believe this assessment to be in error, please ask a question at

Naturally I was curious what the heck I did wrong so I visited that Technorati blog quality guidelines faq they included in their ever so polite rejection.

I had a hard time figuring out how this site didn’t meet their quality guidelines so I clicked on over to the Get Satisfaction site only to find a monumental number of questions unanswered. It’s like nobody is minding the store over there which makes the name “Get Satisfaction” a bit hilarious. I couldn’t even count the number of posts with rejected blog owners pleading for a reason after reading the guidelines.

First there was Blogcatalog that didn’t want me, and now I’m not good enough for Technorati. Sheesh, it’s tough going out there for open source hacks like me. I’m not going to stress over getting rejected because there’s just so many other choices out there. Sure, this is a big one, but from what I’ve been reading, it’s not a huge funnel of traffic unless you’re already extremely popular anyway, so I got some time to get things ironed out. There’s something I remember hearing about success and that’s to make yourself needed. So, Technorati or no Technorati, this site will get there.


TechnoratiI just signed up at Technorati to claim my blog as they call it. This is another one of those sites I was well aware of, but never quite sure how it could help get traffic to my site. I’m assuming all those keywords I put in when signing up have something to do with being found on their network. I’ve also read that WordPress will ping Technorati whenever I publish a new post, so the site always knows when I have new content available. I also found page and page about how to use Technorati tags and and lots of conflicting information about it helping the blog versus helping Technorati. I’m not going to spend much time on this until I figure out if getting deeply involved is truly a benefit. Until then, I’ve claimed my blog and I’ll just wait for the massive wave or traffic to come my way. *insert sound of crickets chirping*