If the name or the logo of bbPress seem a little too familiar, it’s probably because it’s the open source forum software from the folks over at WordPress. If you’ve ever visited the WordPress forums, you’ve already experienced what bbPress has to offer.

Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of the WordPress forums because I always thought it was difficult to find answers. In defense of bbPress, it certainly could be a combination of the massive number of posts over there. With hundreds of thousands of posts, you have to really be selective with your search terms to get the results you want.

Speaking of a whole bunch of posts, the WordPress forums have well over a million of them, so I’d have to say it works pretty well under heavy use. It also integrates well with your WordPress installation with a simple bbPress integration plugin.

As far as the visual aspects of bbPress, I really like the style they have over at the bbPress forums. It’s a very basic design with not a lot of flash, but I really like that kind of simplicity. If the default doesn’t do it for you, there’s also a number of different themes available with designs that appeal to just about everyone.